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Crystals and Their Powers

Different crystals are associated with different elements and are perceived to have different powers, attributes, and magical properties. The power of all crystals arises from their connection with the Earth. Some Wiccan people believe that the crystals are the manifestation of the Earth's innate compassion.

Each crystal is unique and has a specific energy. Therefore, the selection of a gem is an important task and should be done with utmost caution. Select crystals with clear intentions to avoid failures. Gems hold energies; thus, one should know where a gem originates from so that one can select a gem that has been well taken care of and it does not hold negative energies from the previous holder. To ensure that the crystal you have acquired does not hold unwanted energy and powers, you can perform a cleansing of the crystal.

There are various uses of crystals:

  • Reducing stress
  • Healing
  • Balance energies in your home or place of work
  • Used to perform magic
  • Help in learning
  • Promote peaceful dreaming
  • Protection

There are many types of crystals out there, and each is used for different purposes. Below are some of the crystals and their interpretations.

  • Emerald - Increases the creative imagination, domestic bliss, loyalty, and elevates memory.
  • Agate - Stimulates competition and helps in achieving eloquence.
  • Topaz - With this crystal one can focus their ambitions through this gem, and it also facilitates communication from other realms in the universe.
  • Obsidian - It is used as a tool that helps a psychic to unfocus from their physical state and surrounding and focus on the inbound to receive information.
  • Bloodstone - This is a gem that is used to overcome challenges and to face fears. It also helps in sustaining blood conformity and prevents blood disorders.
  • Amber - This crystal helps in curbing stress and uplifting one's spirit. It is also used in driving forward careers and accomplishments.
  • Turquoise - It is a highly spiritual crystal that is applied in aligning chakras and helps in the opening of hearts.
  • Lapis lazuli - It helps in deep wisdom and intuition. It also fine-tunes senses and instincts, which leads to great enlightenment.
  • Amethyst - It helps in healing of the body, mind, and spirit, as well as protecting one from negative energies. It can also be helpful in the cleansing consecration of a sacred place.
  • Moonstone - This is a crystal that helps to maintain harmony in all kind of relationships, for example, family, friends, and lovers.
  • Onyx - This crystal helps in dissolving grief, as well as encouraging being happy and having good fortune. It is also used to absorb negativity and help in the making of wise decisions.
  • Pearl - It aids in adding on faith, clarity of things and situations, innocence, and increases focus. It also helps to overcome obstacles and chase away negative energies.
  • Jade - It is a pure green gem that has been using for years as a symbol of innocence, pure love, and honesty. It is used for healing internal organs.
  • Jasper - This is a crystal that has many colours. Brown jasper helps in maintaining concentration. Yellow jasper is helpful in the clearing of the mind. Red jasper is used to protect against anything that poses a threat.
  • Citrine - This gem is used to incite mental focus and endurance.
  • Ruby - This is a powerful crystal that helps in several aspects of your well-being. It encourages creativity and the ability to enhance oneself, and is also used to promote health, wisdom, and nurturing nature. It is also a protective gem.
  • Opal - It is associated with the four Elements. It is used in spiritual and emotional healing. It can also be involved in the rituals of protection.
  • Quartz - there are four different quartz crystals:
  • Quartz smoke - This is a protective stone that helps in dissipating negative feelings. It is also good for a person who has multiple personalities. It also encourages joy in a person.
  • Quartz blue - It helps in maintaining concentration.
  • Quartz clear - It is a powerful crystal that contributes to clear one's mind and is used to unlock other capabilities of the mind. It also helps in creating altered states of consciousness.
  • Quartz red - It provides soothing energy and enhances harmony among people. It also brings the person love and joy.
  • Carnelian - This crystal can be used in rituals that involve grounding. It has healing powers that are useful to treat infertility and impotence. In a case of excessive bleeding, the carnelian can be used to stop the bleeding.
  • Diamond - It is used in engagements and marriages. It is also useful while treating infertility. The diamond crystal can also be used in meditation.



Crystals should be handled with care and with well-stated intentions. They should not be carelessly employed in rituals.