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Find The Right Coven or Practice Alone

Deciding whether to be in a coven or practice alone should be a personal choice, and it could be due to a number of reasons. You should choose what is right for you. Both working alone or in a coven have advantages and drawbacks. You need to weigh them and pick whatever you perceive to be what you need.


Working alone


  • You get to follow your schedule of worshipping.
  • You do not answer to or are responsible for another person.
  • You have your own set of rules and code of ethics that you prefer.
  • You have the freedom to work with anyone you like despite his or her traditions.


  • It becomes hard to network with other Wiccans.
  • If at a point you feel you need a mentor or teacher, in solitary there wouldn't be one available since you are working alone.
  • You may be limited in the variety and quantity of knowledge you obtain.
  • It's nice to hang around with people that share the same beliefs as you.


Working in a Coven


  • In a coven, there are more opportunities for meeting new people and connecting with them.
  • Practicing in a coven is usually more organized and formal, which helps one to learn better.
  • In a coven, you get to learn from people who have more skills and/or knowledge than you.
  • While studying in a coven, you get to follow a coursework that is detailed and organized, making learning easier.


  • If you join a coven, you will have to adjust your needs and ideas to the coven's way of doing things.
  • In a coven, you have to work on a schedule. This can prove to be a problem if you have a time demanding job or other responsibilities.
  • In a coven, since there are several people in it, issues might occur.
  • If someone is on a power trip, a coven has the potential to be a miserable experience for everyone involved.


If you decide that a coven is what is right for you, then there are things to consider in finding the right coven and being satisfied in it.

When looking for a coven, you should:

  • Know what you are looking for. You could ask yourself some questions to find out.
    • Why do you want to find a coven?
    • What practices do you want to be involved in?
    • What kind of ideals and ethics are important to you?
    • What amount of time do you have to commit in a coven?
  • The second step is to let the Universe know you are looking for a coven.
  • Participate in classes and workshops; these are the places you are will meet and connect with other Wiccans.
  • You can wear jewelry that will identify you as a witch, but will only be recognized by other witches.
  • Next, look around. Don't sit around, but put some effort in finding a coven.


Once you have found a coven, you need to be cautious. Some precautions that you need to take are:

  • Beware of leaders who ask for sex in return to be accepted in the coven or training.
  • Beware of covens that ask for a lot of cash so as to be accepted (although in a coven one may be obligated to contribute some money for expenses).
  • Watch out for covens that beat their members due to failure to follow the rules. The punishment necessary should be gentle and should bear fruits, not scare members into obedience.
  • Beware of teachers that blame other people for their mistakes. As a leader, a teacher should take responsibility for what goes wrong.
  • Beware of any coven leader who accepts a coven member who is underage without a parent/guardian's consent.
  • Beware of any person whom you do not know well that asks you to join a coven. The norm is a student asking to join a coven.

After joining a coven, there are valuable guides to pay attention to:

  • Confidentiality is a very fundamental. You cannot go around telling the activities of the coven.
  • Expect a lot of study, practice and hard work.
  • Ensure that you are comfortable in your coven, and with the other members.

If you decide to work alone, you should make sure you keep progressing. To do so, you need to:

  • Try to establish a routine so as not to deviate from the plan you intend to follow or get lazy. Consistency is key.
  • Write things down, to document what you have tried and done and what did not work.
  • Even if you are working alone, go out and meet people. Exchange ideas to learn.
  • Be inquisitive by asking a lot of questions. Engaging in forums is one platform of asking questions.
  • Never stop learning; do research and make sure the resources that you use are credible.