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How Practices Differ and What Works Best

In the last few years, a growing number of people and groups have been practicing different designs of the religion in places across the United States and even around the world.

There are quite a few forms of the religion, including:

  • Shamanic
  • Family or Hereditary Tradition
  • Celtic
  • Gardnerian
  • Circle Craft
  • Alexandrian
  • Dianic
  • British Religion
  • Faerie
  • Eclectic and so many others not mentioned.

New Paganism groups include:

  • Goddess Spiritual Folk
  • Pantheist
  • Heathens
  • Druids
  • Polytheist Reconstructionists
  • Unitarian Universalist Pagans
  • Animists
  • Christopagans
  • Ecofeminists, as well as many other Natural Spirituality practitioners.

The groups differ from:

  • The practices they do
  • The sizes
  • The structure of the group
  • Orientation
  • Symbology
  • Ritual practices and various other practices that define them.

Wicca religion does not practice dark magic, sacrifices or human rituals. It is a religion based on natural deities. Its followers believe in a spiritual attribute of the natural globe, which is explained as the Worldly Religion. Natural Practitioners lead their followers into a spiritual path so as to reconnect with the natural world, their ancestors, the other world of folklores and world.

Another form of religion known as the neo-pagan community consists of Shamans, Odinist, Ecologists and Heathens. Animists believe that the human, trees, rocks, animals and other forms of nature have a kind of a divine spirit in them, so they will protect them at all cost. Some might believe that because they practice witchcraft they are evil, but they develop their intuitive abilities as well as practices, channeling their psychic strengths to heal as well as help humankind.

Eclectic pagans believe in free thinking. Their followers are from many various religious ideas; they do not adhere to any tradition or religion but create their practice so that anyone can take part in any pagan activities such as magical world view, caring for the global nature as well as stewardship.

Hereditary Tradition or Family witchcraft practices witchcraft in a way where the practice is passed down to family members only. They practice medicine as well as spells specific to each family tradition, and if by any chance the spells or medicine are used by another family, it might result in wars. Most of their magic, as well as practices, are more connected to ancient shamanism and folk magic compared to modern paganism and witchcraft practices.

           Ecofeminism pagans are a movement that identifies strong links between the domination of nature and the taking advantage of women. Ecofeminism brings together the factors of feminism and the environmental movement, where their concern is the influence of human activities on the artificial world as well as the perception of humanity as gendered in methods that slaves, exploits and afflicts women.

Most of the religious groups related to Wicca have good intentions; so far only two groups have proven not reliable to serve humankind or the environment that surrounds him. For instance, the Hereditary Family group serves themselves by using magic that cannot be used on other outsiders. If you become a member of the household, the spells and other practices that are done can either favor you or not. Those who disobey the sanctity of the family, evil things happen to them, or worse die.

So far, the best pagan group is that group that does not discriminate against other religious groups, and its intentions serve both believers and non-believers. They intend to make the human race better than they are currently. They strive to make the world a better place to live in and in this case from the Wiccan books, they are the religion that has expressed a range of practices that express concern about the earth and everything that crawls, reproduces, and grows. In the case of Animists, Ecologists have proven to be the group that has no personal interests except to make this globe a better place than it is. They believe that every living thing has a divine spirit that needs to be respected since the energy within each creates an interconnection proving an excellent beginning.

Wiccan practice enables man through experience to comprehend the universe around us as well as ourselves. It is through the application of what we already understand that we understand things we cannot explain. It fosters courage when you walk around the universe with open eyes and mind, enabling connection, experience, and when you live life as a community and as a human race. I do agree with their practices since I respect the people, nature and the entire universe for being what it is and not what man has made it be.