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How to Make Magic Wands, Spells and Candles

Magic is an essential belief and practice of the Wiccan religion. You can hardly separate magic from Wicca. It forms the basis of witchcraft in Wicca which is bending and shaping your will. This means that for you to practice real magic that will work, you first have to turn your mind to be aligned with what you want to achieve, and the reality will be shaped to your will.

Magic is a divine gift that acts on the universal creative power. There is also the practice of black magic, otherwise known as sorcery, which is not advisable as it is dangerous and its consequences may not be reversed. By using black magic the practitioner manipulates living beings to work for them. These creatures are usually of higher power than the humans. However, there is the spiritual magic that uses universal power to work for one's will.

Before you practice magic, you need to understand that there are no set rules or ethics for its practice. However, like the Wiccan Rede states, if your practice will result in the harming of another, then you should probably reconsider as the consequences will be returned to you threefold.


How to Make Your Magic Wand

A magic wand is an instrument that directs a user’s will and intention. It can be bought, so you do not necessarily need to make your own. However, it is advised to make your own because:

  • As you make it with your hands, the wand will have your energy, and the results will be more satisfactory.
  • It gives you a sense of pride, ownership and accomplishment.
  • The tool will have to be made from natural material, thus making use of nature which is a core belief in Wicca.
  • The activity is fun and enlightening as you learn to make the wand.

Steps involved in the making of a magic wand:

  1. Identify a fully grown healthy tree with many branches.
  2. Seek permission from the tree to use one of its branches. You will feel at ease if the tree accepts, but if it refuses, guilt will engulf you.
  3. If the tree allows, go ahead and cut a branch carefully and then thank it by pouring water or offering fruit.
  4. Skin the branch but leave a handle.
  5. Decorate it as you please: maybe through crystals, sketching Wiccan symbols, tie a ribbon or apply clay.
  6. Stick your hair on the branch so that it will have your energy.


Creating a Magic Spell

Magic spells are procedures which you will implement using your wand. You can make your spell or use one from a more experienced person. However, with lots of practice and trying out different procedures, you can become an established practitioner in magic spell casting. The following are the steps of making magical spells.

Before you even start to perform a spell, you must have a purpose. What is the reason for the process? Be more specific about your reasons for more fulfilling results. If it is a protection spell, is it against evil eyes, diseases or attacks? This will make it easy for you to go to the next stage.

  • Identify what you need for the process. Every spell has its materials. Get the materials for your spell.
  • Research the words you need to recite for the spell. Words are not mandatory, but they help you to focus your attention on the spell. Using words also helps incline your thoughts towards your intentions.
  • Consider the most appropriate time for the spell. Wicca religion believes that the universe and different times and days are relevant in various situations. Identify the most suitable time that will make your spell more efficient: time of the day, a day of the week, a season of the year, a phase of the moon.

After everything is set, it is time to activate the spell. Go step by step, making sure you get the words right. Be focused as you perform the spell casting. It is also crucial that you visualize what you want. Like I said before, you have to align your thought with your spirit so that your will is realized.


Creating a Magic Candle

Aside from magic wands, witches use candles in their spells and rituals. They become effective because they are fused with mind power. This has not changed much as candles are still used in Wicca to perform the same.

Candles help to give one focus as they perform spells. Like the magic wand, it helps you to bend your thoughts to your will. You can make your magic candle using the steps below.

Before you even begin, the basis of your success will be a purpose; the reason for your act. This will be the gateway to success in the latter steps. Always remember the Wiccan Rede as you establish your basis.

Select a candle; the color should be relevant to the idea. Apply essential oils on your hand and then rub on the candle. Focus as you infuse the energy of your thoughts in the candle as it absorbs this energy. The natural essence oils are relevant to the practice so make sure you use the right ones.

Once you are done, light the candle and let it burn. This will be bright and large depending on how much energy you infused on it, and the powers drawn from the universe to help you attain your wish.