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Rebirth Spell

Rebirth (Pheonix Ash)


Everyone in life can easily travel down a path that they did not intend on going down. It is not because of weakness, the strongest people make huge mistakes but what is important is moving past these obstacles and changing for the better. The rebirth spell is intended to aid you on your journey to a better you.



Dragons Blood

Healing Crystals


First, remove the dragon’s blood and light a small amount in a fire safe container.


Next, remove your healing crystals in the matter of your choice. Let your energy guide you in aligning your assortment Make sure that you align them in a way that gives you positive energy.


Read the following spell 2x


On this earth, I need to rebirth


For a better me I’m on the search


Positive change I wish to bring


I need something life changing


Guide me on a better path


Let me be stronger than I was in the past.


For now on I’ll work harder


I’ll work better I’ll work smarter


I will quit the bad things that still haunt me


From now on only light and positivity.


The spell is now complete. It is up to you to follow through with it and make positive choices each day. If you do this the spell will be successful.