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Self Improvement Through Wicca

Before you can enjoy any benefits leading to self-improvement through Wicca religion, you must first be a believer. Therefore, you need to be enlightened on the path to Wicca.

  • Search your heart, and find out why you want to be a Wicca. Your reasons should be valid.
  • Research the Wiccan beliefs and practices. This will shine light on the journey that you are about to undertake, and from there you can decide whether you want to be a Wiccan.
  • Once you are decided on being a Wiccan, select the form of Wicca that you would like to follow. Read more on the different forms of Wicca, and their beliefs. You can be a solitary Wiccan, or practice in a coven.
  • Find a Wiccan assembly and start learning how to be a Wiccan through the help of more established believers.

It is fundamental that you understand the elements of Wicca and how they operate. These elements are: fire, water, earth and air. Through Wicca, you can identify your element and learn to control it. It does not literally mean controlling these aspects of nature as you wish, rather controlling what these elements represent.

  • Air represents the mind. That is your thoughts, intellect, wisdom and ability to communicate.
  • Water is the emotions, the receptive, the subconscious. Water can drown you or purify.
  • Earth is the world as we see it. It’s practical and tangible.
  • Fire represents passion and will.

For a Wiccan to improve him/herself, you need to maintain a balance between all these elements. You need all the other three, despite possessing one main element. This can be achieved by learning to have self-control, balance your emotions, being productive, channeling your emotions towards the right direction, and applying wisdom towards situations. All this will help you to improve the spirit.


Learn to live positively

Wicca has positive affirmations, which are positive statements that you recite every often. Saying these affirmations help you to stay focused on the positive and to block negative energies. This affirmation helps to raise the faith of a Wiccan and improve his life by helping him live positively and love life.

You can use phrases from more established Wiccan practitioners before you can learn to develop your own phrases. This affirmation works in our subconscious and manifests in the physical. For effective results, there are rules to be followed including:

  • Use present simple tense. Say what you desire in present tense and use simple sentences. For instance, "I am working" and not "I will be working."
  • Say what your heart desires and not what you do not desire.
  • Keep it simple. Do not be too detailed.
  • Be realistic. Don’t make statements that are not achievable.
  • Repeat this phrases often and follow up with necessary action.
  • Stay positive and have faith in the realization of your desire.


Principles That Shape a Wiccan’s Character

There are two fundamental principles of Wicca that shape the practices and character of a Wiccan. Firstly, there is the Wiccan Rede stating that 'and ye harm none; do as ye will.’ This statement means that you can do as you please as long as you do not harm anyone. This helps the Wiccan believer in shaping his character by appreciating human life and not deriving pleasure in harming others. This comes in handy even in shaping a Wiccan practice of witchcraft, magic and casting spells.

The other rule is 'whatever you do come back to you three folds.' For this reason, a Wiccan is taught how to control his behavior, anger and actions, for whatever he does will be repaid three times, good or evil. This rule, therefore, builds a sense of responsibility and reason, for there are consequences to every action. This is applicable even in Wiccan practices of witchcraft, magic and spell casting. If you do this to harm another, bear in mind that it will come back to you three times worse.


Taking Care of The Environment

Most of the different forms of Wicca believe in nature, and they worship its gods. Therefore, they learn to respect nature and they take care of it so as not to anger these gods. Most Wiccans appreciate nature as the source of life. Through Sabbat, they appreciate the different seasons and their significance, and constantly thank the gods for that season, which makes life more bearable during the different times.


Realizing Wicca Faithfuls' Purpose And Living It

Wicca helps faithfuls to realize the purpose for which they are created by providing guidelines to achieving their goals. It helps you appreciate life and the significance of everything in your surroundings. Everything has a reason and purpose for its existence. For nature, that purpose is accomplished forcefully, but a human being has the will to decide. It’s important to willfully accept your purpose and live it. By doing that you will get a sense of fulfillment and inner peace.


Freedom to Choose

Wicca does not have a guidebook, and people are free to decide on what is wrong and right for them, giving them a sense of freedom.