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Staying Positive Through Wicca

Life has its ups and downs. More often than not, we are faced with situations that bring us down in such a way that we are blocked from the bigger picture. Anger, hatred, and jealousy, among other vices, are negative energies that prevent us from living a peaceful life in harmony with nature, our spirits and ourselves. It is, therefore, critical that we learn how to live positively. It might not be an easy task to tune your mind to positivity, but everyday practice slowly inculcates positive values in our lives, and life becomes worth living.


Every good thing is conceived in mind, and then birthed through action. Learn how to be a positive thinker through Wicca.

  • First you need to be in good health. Take care of your body so that you can be in a good state to think clearly.
  • Believe in your thoughts. You need believe that what you want is possible and will come to pass. Belief is made stronger through faith.
  • Have patience. Things may not always change instantly despite believing; it may take time. Learn to be patient with life’s situations, and you will find yourself less bothered about life circumstances.
  • Surround yourself with a positive company. Your friends play a significant role in shaping your life. Shun friends that feed you with the negative, rather be with those that have reason and push you towards the right.
  • Have a mental picture of your wishes. Imagine yourself being what you want to be. If you want to be peaceful, see yourself being peaceful and it will eventually be.
  • Be that change. Start living that dream, a day at a time. Start small and you will grow with time.

The things that bring you down are negative energies. You cannot shut down negative energy, or positive for that matter. However, you can redirect it or put it into a different purpose; that way, it leaves your body, mind, and soul. When you release the negative thoughts, you create room for positive energy.


Ways of releasing negative energy:

  • Physical work. When you work you channel the negative energy towards work. At the end of the work, you have a sense of pride and fulfillment in the work you have done.
  • Talk to your trusted friend. When talking, you release the negative energy through words. However, this may be a risky move if the friend turns on you and uses the information to hurt you.
  • Through emotions like crying, you release the energy. However, practice self-control so that you don't go to the extreme to hurt yourself or others.
  • Through writing. You can put down your pain, fears, and disappointments through pen and paper. It is constructive and relieves you of the negative energy.
  • Interacting with nature. Nature is a core attribute in Wicca. You are advised to remain in harmony with nature. You can use nature to release negative energy and enhance positivity. This can be done through taking a nature walk, hikes and taking care of the environment like planting trees.


Positive affirmation

Wicca encourages believers to practice positive affirmations, which are positive phrases that are said affirmatively. These phrases are often said so that they can become a part of you. You can create your statements or use statements from more established Wiccan believers. These phrases are supposed to be said in present tense, proclaiming 'what is' and not 'what is to become.’ This Wiccan belief can help you to stay positive about life. The fundamental thing about positive affirmation is faith. You have to believe in what you say.


Casting spells

This is another way of staying positive through Wicca. You can cast spells of good luck, health and wealth.

One simple way of casting lucky spell is:

  • Put a small square yellow piece of cloth,
  • At the middle, place a tear stone (apache),
  • One by one put the star anise seeds (7) while reciting your wishes; one for wealth' two for health' three for good luck.....'
  • Tightly tie the piece of cloth with a golden string, and
  • Carry it around discreetly, e.g. in your bag.

However, for this spell to work, you need to believe in yourself, have faith that the spell will work and activate it through positive living and physically working towards your dreams.


Call on your gods

If situations strike you and you are unable to deal with them by yourself, you can call upon your gods for help. You can do this through ritual performance, depending on your Wiccan belief.


Improve your inner being

You can have regular sessions of meditation and devotion. This is also a ritual cleansing that seeks to maintain harmony between your body and spirit. This course will help you in releasing negative energy and finding inner peace, which will improve your life as a Wiccan. It is important to understand that life happens for a reason. Everything that occurs in your life has a mission and a purpose. As a Wiccan, you should find solace in the realization that at the end of it all, you will come out on the other side as a better, more refined person. Face every life challenge with a positive attitude and always see the good in it, because fate only seeks to shape you in readiness for your purpose, so that you can reach your destiny.