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Symbolism of Jewelry and Amulets

A symbol is a drawing, sign, or material, among other items that carry meaning. For instance, a cross may be associated with a church. Symbolism has mostly been used as a means of association even in religion and Wicca in this regard. Wicca has employed symbolism through jewelry, amulets, pendants, and talismans among others.

Examples of jewelry include:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Keyrings
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings

The use of symbols for jewelry occur at various levels that include:


A design of the Wicca symbols

Having a Wiccan symbol as a piece of jewelry mostly means that one is attracted to the religion or is part of the religion, hence giving you an identity. The symbols in the jewelry are a great way of expressing oneself and a belief in the religion. Through Wicca jewelry and amulets, it is easy to spot a person of similar belief, hence attracting you to your kind.


The magical properties of a particular symbol

The properties of a particular piece of jewelry bring different powers to it. Having a piece of jewelry made of precious stones or different metals will bring the power of that material to the jewelry; it will also have an effect on the intent and energy attracted to its composition. Jewelry made from wood symbolizes nature; gold is connected to the mind and wisdom, while that made from silver attracts psychic energy.

In Wicca, it is believed that different body parts carry their energy and therefore it’s necessary to identify the most suitable place to wear your jewelry so that the energy of that part will activate that of the ornament and therefore reach its full potential.


What are the symbols of Wiccan Jewelry?

The Wicca jewelry features a variety of symbols which include:

  • Pentagram
    • known as the five-star pentagon is the most common symbol of the Wicca religion. Four of the sides represent the four elements of nature (air, water, earth, fire) and the one pointing upwards representing the divine spirit. The pentagram symbolizes the Goddess Venus also referred to as the morning star. It is also known to bring forth knowledge.
  • Stars
    • symbolize the ability of all faithful to be divine. The five-star pentagram is the major star symbol of Wicca and corresponds to Christian crucifix and the Star of David of the Jews.
  • Crescent moon
    • a symbol of a Wiccan Goddess and also symbolizes the feminine ability to reach divinity.
  • Goddess
    • expresses one's faith and belief in the deities of the religion.
  • Triple moon
    • symbolizes the Goddesses of Wicca and wearing jewelry with this symbol shows ultimate belief in the religion and her deities.
  • Spider
    • expresses the perfect knowledge and weaving of life.
  • Celtic design
    • Ancient Egyptian designs.
  • Runes
    • letters written in a certain alphabetical order. The message written on a piece of Wicca jewelry in a runic alphabet has an in-depth meaning to faith in the religion, or could simply be words of hope and encouragement.


Points to consider when acquiring a Wiccan jewelry or amulets:

            Which form of Wiccan religion are you affiliated with? Wicca is a combination of different groups. However, they have similar beliefs. Consider your group, and what you believe in so that you can get the right ornament for yourself, with the relevant symbol on it.

Your intention. Establish the purpose for wearing the ornament. This will make its effect more significant. It will also determine the material, symbol, color, and the kind of rituals to perform on it before you wear it. Intentions may be like protection, power, or acknowledgment of your god/goddess.

The knowledge of where you can buy the jewelry and amulets is essential. Jewelry and amulets are sacred and are a reflection of your belief and hence should be purchased with care. Therefore, it is important that you seek the right place for your jewelry. Shop around for a suitable place either on jewelry stores or online.

Purify the jewelry or amulets before you wear. During the process of making jewelry, some energy may be lost, or some negative energy may be infused into it. Therefore, after purchase, consider purifying the ornament before you wear it. Bless it as well. You can call upon the presence of your god/goddess or nature during its purification to inscribe positive energy to it.

Before you buy a piece of jewelry, you have to confirm whether the ornament resonates with your energy. Some ornaments may not go well with you and may attract negative results to your intent. Find out from more experienced practitioners on how to test its power.

Having a Wicca jewelry or amulets shows your belief in the faith and loyalty. This way, all of your hopes in life regarding Wicca are bound to be successful.