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The Three C's

A Wiccan has just bought jewelry, a talisman or amulet from a pagan store. It is so beautiful she cannot wait to put it on or put it in her house. Here is some advice for her: Do not use it until you have performed the necessary 3Cs on it (cleansing, consecrating, and charging).

Even if the jewelry has been acquired from a pagan shop, it has passed through many hands and has attracted different energies. For instance, for an ornament with special stones and crystals, there was a person who extracted the rock, then there is a jeweler who fixed it, and another one who packaged and transported it to the shop. At the shop, the piece might have gone through many hands of people who thought of purchasing it. All these are different energies, and most are negative which can hinder the intention for which the ornament will be used. Therefore, it is crucial that one prepares an acquired ornament for its use.


First off, we need to understand what the 3Cs mean.


Just like the word, it is cleaning, i.e., removing all impurities. This means not just the physical cleaning, but also involves spiritual cleansing or disassociation from previous energies. This can be achieved in various ways like:

  • Burying it under the ground.
  • Holding it with running water.
  • Dipping in salt water or ocean water.
  • Running through smoke.



Dedication for sacred use. This is simply making an item sacred, which can be achieved through ritual acts like:

  • Praying over it and blessing it.
  • Endowing it with the four nature elements.
  • Anointing it with blessed oil.

In consecration, mostly, one calls upon the god/goddess to bless the jewelry or ornament. After the consecration, the item can be used for ritual purposes as it is now sacred. Therefore, always remember to treat it with care as with other sacred items.



Just like you charge an electronic device, you fill your Wiccan jewelry or ornament with energy and hence power. You put in energy that enables it to fulfill its purpose. Here, you raise positive energy and empower it by directing the energy to it. While doing this, you mention the intention of the energy so that the energy can be purposeful. You can be more specific on the intention for more fulfilling results.

This can be done through:

  • Placing it under the sun (solar energy).
  • Placing it on the moon (lunar energy).
  • Charging it with tools with accumulated energy.


Points to Note Before Performing The 3C’s

  • Be clear about your intention. This will determine what you need for the later stages; find the right and clear words to use while mentioning your intention and cleansing process. If you are not sure, let a more experienced practitioner help you out.
  • Find out which is the best time, or the magical correspondence of the practice. The day of the week, colors, a season of the year, and so forth. This will make the process easier and more efficient.
  • The kind of magic herbs and incense that are useful in this process. Herbs and incense help to intensify the power.



  • Get a candle of the color of your choice and incense. The color should, however, be significant.
  • Get a bowl of blessed water, mixed with herbs, and sprinkle the water on the jewelry as you say a cleansing prayer.
  • Put the jewelry on your palms, and repeat your intention on the jewelry as you stare on the candle. The candle helps you to focus and visualize the realization of your intent.
  • Continue with the last process until you can feel the jewelry is charged with the right energy.
  • You might want to wear the jewelry for a week so that your energy can be absorbed into it making it yours.


Process 2 - Talisman

A talisman is usually for protection. Perform the 3Cs in the following way:

  • Put salt water or ocean water in a bowl.
  • Swirl the talisman thrice in a clockwise manner while saying a cleansing prayer.\
  • Rinse with fresh water.
  • Dry it under the sun or the full moon.
  • Charge it by placing it on a quartz cluster.
  • Charge it with the four nature elements and pray to the god/goddess for blessings.
  • Repeat the intention of the talisman. Let it be clear and realistic, and be positive about it.
  • Now wipe with a clean, soft cloth and wear it.

The 3Cs are a very important for the Wicca faithful and should be taken seriously and with caution.