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Wiccan Colors

Colors are usually seen as a result of the reflection and refraction of light on a surface. It is also a result of pigment and light. In Wicca, colors are very relevant in daily life and practice. This article will shed light on the significance of colors so that you are knowledgeable while choosing colors.

The following are areas where the knowledge of Wiccan colors and their importance will help you:

  • During ritual performances where, you will choose colors according to the intention of the ritual
  • Magic; for spell casting, including healing magic among others.
  • Choosing colored candles. Candles are used in many instances, like for magic rituals or even as house decoration. It is important to choose a color that will attract the right energy.
  • Altar clothes
  • Incense; the color of fragrance also matters depending on the purpose.
  • The color of paper and ink for writing wishes, intentions, and ambitions.


Colors carry vital energies that will affect your life, ritual results, and magic. If wrongly used, they can attract negative energy.


Primary Colors

There are three principal or primary colors from, which other colors are created: red, yellow and blue.

  • Red
    • This is the color of high energy and sexuality. It is active and vital and should be used wisely. When applied in a positive way, it can bring about great excitement, but if used negatively, it can wreck great havoc and destruction.Usually used for love spell and seduction.For love spells, it results in more lust than love, therefore for such spells, it is better to use pink.
  • Blue
    • It is the color of the subconscious mind, spirituality, and intuition. Due to this, it is best used during meditation as it gives you peace to concentrate on the things of the spirit. For best results, use a light shade of blue. Otherwise, it may bring about confusion, nightmares and mind related illnesses in the case of indigo or even navy blue colors.
  • Yellow
    • As opposed to blue, yellow is the color of the conscious mind and therefore is used to improve memory, speech and general intellect. The wrong shade of yellow can cause lack of courage and fear.


Secondary Colors

A combination of primary colors.

  • Green
    • A combination of yellow and blue. It is usually associated with the earth and nature and hence contains healing energy. It is also an attribute of growth and an equilibrium between dreams and reality.
  • Purple
    • A combination of blue and red. Usually known to be a royal color and hence bring authority and strength. As earlier stated, blue is spiritual while red is powerful energy: hence, a combination of the two gives one spiritual strength and psychic power.
  • Orange
    • A combination of red and yellow. With a mix of red's vitality and yellows creativity and intellectual strength, orange radiates energy useful for regeneration, healing, success, optimism and happiness.


Other Colors

  • White
    • A combination of all the primary colors.It is associated with purity, new beginnings as witnessed in many weddings as well as the expulsion of evil spirits as witnessed in burials in some communities.
  • Black
    • A color brought about by the lack of all colors as well as light. Intriguing, right! It is known to be an evil color, associated with evil spirits and death.In Wicca, it is used when communicating with the dead, mostly used by mediums.It represents the end of something.Black can also be used to absorb negative energy and burn away diseases and other bad habits
  • Gold
    • Represents wealth and prosperity as well as happiness.Due to its close resemblance to yellow, it is associated with high mental strength and durability.
  • Silver
    • Attracts psychic energy, visions, and purity.
  • Pink
    • Close to red and represents friendship and love. It is cooler than red hence harmonious and reconciliatory. It works best for love and friendship spells.


Elements of WIcca

The color is also symbolic with the four Wiccan elements, and you can use color to attract the elements that you wish to involve in your practice.

  • Air - yellow
  • Fire - red
  • Water - blue
  • Earth - green


Days of the Week

            Every day of the week has a color representation:

  • Sunday
    • it is the first day of the week and a day of the sun. Its colors are yellow, which is believed to be the color of the sun, white and orange. Starting your week on such high energy is important: white for the beginning of a new and pure week, orange for happiness, and yellow for intellectual strength. Nothing can go wrong.
  • Monday
    • It is a moon day, and its colors are silver, white and gray
  • Tuesday
    • Associated with the planet Mars, with red and orange as its color representations.
  • Wednesday
    • Its planet is Mercury, and its colors are yellow, purple, and gray.
  • Thursday
    • Its planet is Jupiter, with blue, magenta, and indigo as its colors.
  • Friday
    • Associated with the planet Venus and green, turquoise, and pink.
  • Saturday
    • Black, gray, and indigo are associated with the planet Saturn.


You can use a combination of different colors to achieve your intentions. Colors are not only useful during rituals and magic moments but can also be used in daily life. Your outfit, house curtains, bedsheets, and furniture among others can all be of specific colors to attract the energy that comes with it.