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Wiccan Etiquette

There are three main components regarding Wiccan etiquette.


General Wiccan Etiquette

The general etiquette is just common sense mainly. For instance, one should never identify another person as a Wiccan. The Wiccan practice has not been accepted everywhere, and so for this reason the identity of others must be kept a secret.

In the case that something is said that may raise eyebrows, it is preferable that you tell the involved witch. The witch herself will decide on whether to let the cat out of the bag about her identity or find a way to control the damage. Either way, she has the power to choose.

The other etiquette is that religion is a personal decision, so no one will force anyone to join the Wicca community regardless of the circumstance. It is only allowed to tell what the religion contains, then after that, it is all up to the person being introduced.

Before agreeing to join this religion, one should know what you are up against. For men usually, this will mean keeping calm and allowing others time to speak out. For women, this might mean standing up for your rights as a Wiccan and defending your rights.


Wiccan Alter Etiquette

For all religions, the altar is deemed as a sacred place. This is no different for Wiccans. The altar is a sacred place, and people should respect altars when approaching them and follow certain procedures.

First, no one is allowed to touch your sacred items, unless permitted by you. If you see them as powerful and you believe in the power they hold, then they must be your most treasured possessions. In the same way, you are not allowed to touch other people’s treasured items without their permission. In case you ever gave someone permission to touch your sacred possessions does not mean that they are allowed to do so every other time. The yes was for just that one time.

Any hesitation will be interpreted as a No. In case you are told no, you are not allowed to ask why; it might be personal or not. Whichever the case, the item does not belong to you, and the owner has a right to privacy.

Ensure you get permission before placing anything on a group altar. Whatever you want to place could be inappropriate, or for some reason not allowed on the altar. It may be that at that particular moment, a specific energy is being raised and your item will be a distraction. In order to avoid problems, it’s better to be sure all the time.

You should also avoid telling people about your sacred items, especially if the people are not Wiccans like yourself. Their knowledge of your sacred items might lead to destruction, or the power in your sacred items to decrease. Worse still, if non-Wiccans do not understand or approve, it might raise negative energy instead of the intended powerful one. They might also just be judgmental considering they barely understand what your religion is all about.


Wiccan Etiquette For Casting Magic Spells

When you start casting magic spells, start small and easy. Start with simple spells as you progress. You should also note that spells are not cast just anyhow, you need to learn and study before you can cast your first one.

You are not allowed to cast a spell that seeks to compel anyone to do something. This etiquette mainly affects those who wish to cast love spells. You should also never use a spell to influence anyone’s decision.

You also should only do a magic spell for anyone who has asked you. Then again, you only do the spell the person has asked you to and none other.

The rules above can only be undermined if and only if you have the spiritual permission over that being, for instance, children under 12 or animals. Remember, even as this is allowed, you should always check with the Divine alignment and make sure everything is as is supposed to be.

Before casting a magic spell, one should also think about the consequences. Whatever happens after the spell is cast will always lie on the spell caster’s head. The other main consideration is that these magic practices should be done in private. They should never be done in front of other people or rather in public. Remember not every other person out there appreciates the religion and to top it all off, it is a simple sign of respect to people’s beliefs.

After casting a spell, never leave your magical residue behind. Always remember to clean up, erase the signs and symbols, and never forget to open the circle before leaving.

The most important of these etiquettes is the Wiccan Rede which states ‘do as you will, harm none.’ So, whatever you do out there with your magic, ensure it is for the good of others.